كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: Washington and the embarrassing tests with Iran

Iran has granted three golden opportunities to America to show its seriousness in the
confrontation about which it talks a lot. It has turned them into an opportunity to show
the US inability of turning words into deeds.
 The first one was Iran's targeting of the Kurdish armed groups in Erbil near the US
leading centers and the achieving of direct hits by raids of missiles and aircraft.
 The second opportunity was the show which was carried out by the Iranian warships
around the American aircraft carrier not far from ten meters, and broadcasting it by the
Revolutionary Guard leadership.
 The third opportunity was through the missiles fired by Iran on ISIS positions in
Boukamal and linking them with the response to the operations of Ahwaz carried out by
extremist groups that were trained in ISIS camps, which are bases located near American
camps and bases
 America has one of three things, either to say that everything has happened in direct or
indirect coordination with it, which means that all its mobilizing campaigns for a
confrontation are lies, or it has to say that Iran succeeded in showing the effectiveness
and accuracy of its weapons, which means feeling confident that the danger will be far
from the Americans according to well-considered engagement rules and that America
does not want this confrontation, or to say that the weapons are inaccurate and
ineffective. In this case the threat on the Americans positions will be bigger and the
repelling to missiles will become an American security duty which Washington evaded,
but it exposed its forces to threats in avoidance of a confrontation.

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