Nasser Kandil write Nasser Kandil wrote: the battlefield is moved to the Gulf
  • In the Saudi war on Qatar there is no possible rapid resolving yet, so Qatar will not fall by the knockout whether through surrender, coup, or occupation.
  • All the proposed compromises mean the Saudi acceptance of the retreat of overthrowing Qatar, and the talk about the seeking to solve the matters means the recognition of Saudi Arabia of failure and disability.
  • The remaining of the rupture and the pressures in vain means the fall of the Saudi reverence which wanted to make Qatar an example for those who disagree with it in the Gulf.
  • In the comparison between Qatar and Yemen, Qatar is more dangerous than Yemen to Saudi Arabia in case the fall of the war against it.
  • Yemen is poor and resistant; these are enough reasons for the absence of the Western split towards the Saudi position after the failure and the disability, while in case of Qatar the split has started quickly.
  • Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya are waging a mutual war along with money, intelligence. Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be a stronghold for the mutual opponents, for the conspiracies and intelligence.
  • In the two wars of Yemen and Qatar Mohammed Bin Salman committed the follies of haste and illusion that the US approval and the Israeli encouragement are sufficient.
  • The matters are at stake and the Cold War will agitate and break out suddenly.
  • The battlefield is moved to the Gulf.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


عدد القراءت (10049)