Nasser Kandil write Nasser Kandil wrote: Perishable and will disappear


  • Exactly three years ago, ISIS was able to have control on the Iraqi Mosul city announcing its state.
  • Exactly two years ago, ISIS had full control on the Syrian-Iraqi borders.
  • The mission of ISIS was completed by a sign made by the Assistant of the Secretary –General of the United Nations, the US intelligence and diplomacy officer Jeffry Feltman who said that we can eliminate ISIS, but we are making use of its attrition to Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Iraq.
  • Donald Trump came to the political scene as a US presidential candidate; he said in his electoral campaign that the White House and the US intelligence have made ISIS.
  • In the Saudi-Qatari crisis, the Saudis and the Qataris exchanged the charges of funding ISIS.
  • In the speech of the Egyptian President at Riyadh Summits, he talked about the countries which sell oil to ISIS and the remnants which it loots from Syria and Iraq, his intention clearly was Turkey.
  • The reports of the Western and the Turkish newspapers talked repeatedly about the lines of the son of Erdogan and the son of Netanyahu to sell the oil which is looted by ISIS.
  • Repeatedly Russia revealed Turkish transactions with ISIS and US political transactions for the infiltration of ISIS through secure corridors to Palmyra and Deir Al Zour.
  • ISIS is perishable and will disappear as in the film of the director Najdat Anzour.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,


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