Nasser Kandil write Nasser Kandil wrote: The equations of the Syrian army are invincible

* Within two successive days the Syrian army was on a date with two confrontations, each one of them included an attempt to draw new engagement rules one in the air and the other on the ground.

* In the air the Israelis tried to ensure their penetration of the Syrian airspace, and bombing targets in the Syrian depth, while on the ground Al-Qaeda organization tried to transfer the battle to Damascus and to turn it into an arena of attack and retreat and the armed chaos.

* In the two challenges the Syrian army has stated decisions and has used capacities that surprised its enemies, imposed its equations, and through them it drew the rules of engagement.

* Israel’s attempt to change the rules of engagement has turned into what some of its experts described as the getting out of the air force from the battle, and some described it with the entry of the challenge of getting involved in comprehensive war, but in both cases the final word remained for the equation of the Syrian missiles, so Israel has to consider that well before getting involved once again in the tampering.

* Al Nura front’s attempt in Jobar has turned into a graveyard for the elite forces that based on the attack, which was described by the spokesmen of the TV opposition fronts with the historic event to change Damascus into a battlefield, but within hours the attackers have been crushed and the army retook the lead and the reverse attack started.

* The invincible army.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,



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