Nasser Kandil write Nasser Kandil wrote: The scandal of the opposition, Al Nusra, and Israel

* The confrontation which has been decided by Al Nusra in Jobar and Qaboun in the northern of the Syrian capital had its signature publicly even in the satellites channels which are financed and operated by Saudi Arabia and which provided the coverage for the names of the opposition.

* As in Daraa battle the decision was for Al Nusra, now in Jobar and Qaboun the decision is for Al Nusra.

* The signature of Al Nusra has started with the bombing through suicide bombers in warships that attacked the sites of the army and its allies.

* Yesterday was full of the emergence of the symbols of the opposition while they were talking about the successes of the opposition militarily, and when they are asked about Al Nusra they say that Al Nusra are present but the formations of the free army are participating, and when they are asked about which formations they answer that it is Alrahman corps.

* Those who know Alrahamn corps know that it is worst than Al Nusra and more Wehhabi and more terrorist.

* The talkers say at the spokesman of the negotiating delegation to Geneva that this battle will change the equations of the negotiation.

* The scene talks about itself.

* The negotiators of Geneva and Astana are media décor to improve the image of Al Nusra, and the talk on its behalf to ease an embarrassment caused by the emergence publicly of Al Nusra to Saudi Arabia.

* The scandal is when some of those link the timing of the bombing with the Israeli raids, in order not to make the army feel of power after the equation of the missiles.

Translated by Lina Shehahde,



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